Been a while. There have been some MACD's up in this piece.

I'm still doing the travel lifestyle, but I've got the week off so I can move out of my 3rd story, spiral staircase hobbit hole, and into a glorious storage unit. It just doesn't make sense to continue paying rent on a place that I see once a month. I'm just going to crash in hotels or with awesome friends.

Traveling leaves me no time to work on my projects, or spend time with my boyfriend and friends, so I am looking for a different job. I've tried to ask for a reassignment, but it seems like I'm not going to be kept local, despite my protests, so it's time to up and leave.

And of course, I'll be going to Defcon. Took time off enough for that, as well. I'll be hanging out on a porch drinking booze or watching HJ proudly.

Time to pack a little more...