This was my first year attending and I had a few issues that might help you to improve things for your conference next year. While I enjoyed most of the conference the places things could improve are the following:

#1. Bandwidth

#2. Network login information was incorrect in some places, and instructions on how to get into the secure network were not clear. Verbal instructions were not correct.

#3. If you could integrate the side events from the seminars in a timeline that would help people figure out where they wanted to go the most.

#4. Evening events could have been better presented. I had no idea what they were ...some pictures may have helped?

#5. The goons stopped me from taking pictures and asked me to delete one that I took of the information desk because I didn't ask permission to take pictures! Say WHAT? I thought you wanted pics of Defcon to be posted? I don't think I will post the ones I took now.

#6. The price of food in RIO frosted my balls. I know I could leave or bring my own in, but with that many people I have to wonder if you could negotiate a better discount. Yes I seen the coupons. They could have been better.

#7. downloading of files and materials could have been made easier. I had troubles. Instructions weren't always clear.

The HAM guys were the stand outs for me. AWESOME guys! I appreciate all they did to bring license exams to the event. I wish they had a place set up with equipment and more seminars, live broadcasting from the event etc.

The bitching above was minor stuff and just suggestions on improvements for next year. I enjoyed the event and got a lot out of it and I thank you all for all you did to make it happen.