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ANNOUNCE: WorldWide WarDrive 3/Church of WiFi Software Available

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  • ANNOUNCE: WorldWide WarDrive 3/Church of WiFi Software Available

    ANNOUNCE: WorldWide WarDrive 3/Church of WiFi Software Available

    It is my pleasure to announce that the third WorldWide WarDrive (WWWD) will take place
    from 28 June 2003 - 5 July 2003.

    The WorldWide WarDrive is an effort by security professionals and hobbyists to generate
    awareness of the need by individual users and companies to secure their access points.
    To help accomplish this, the WorldWide WarDrive provides a statistical analysis of the
    many access points that are currently deployed across the globe. In addition to this
    statistical analysis, the WWWD provides FREE information on the steps needed to improve
    the security posture of wireless networks.

    The first WWWD identified nearly 10,000 access points This number more than doubled for
    the second WWWD held only 6 weeks later to nearly 25,000. This is a testament to both the
    growing use of WiFi and the concern by security professionals to ensure that these access
    points are locked down.


    Due to the overwhelming popularity of the WWWD, it is no longer feasible
    to have results emailed to WWWD staff. To that end an automated upload
    process has been put in place. To aid the process of converting your data
    for upload, the Church of WiFi has the following announcement:

    The Church of WiFi (CoWF) presents Warglue.

    For longer than time could tolerate, disciples of the Church of WiFi have endured low SNR from
    the Kismet and Netstumbler log file format differences. Thus, the
    almighty SSID granted the CoWF with special abilities to understand and
    manipulate wireless scanner log files. With these abilities Warglue was
    created. Now, disciples of the Church of WiFi can convert between these
    formats as easily as they receive 802.11b beacons. Following in the
    example of the almighty SSID, the CoWF presents these three SSIDs for your
    Rx pleasure:

    SSID: warkizniz (WEP)
    Info: Convert Kismet to NS1
    SSID: warwis (no WEP)
    Info: Convert Kismet to and from wi-scan
    SSID: warscrub (no WEP)
    Info: Splits out bad GPS coordinates from wi-scan

    GPS coordinates for these SSIDs:

    Warglue represents the Church of WiFi and all that it is.


    It is also my pleasure to announce that the WWWD has teamed with DefCon ( At DefCon 11
    (1-3 August 2003) I will deliver a presentaion entitled "The WorldWide WarDrive: The Myths, The
    Misconceptions, The Truth, The Future." During this presentation the statistics from WWWD 3 will be
    released to the world for the first time. It is our feeling that using this highly publicized event
    will help to increase awareness of the need to secure access points.

    Visit for more information on the WWWD in your area or if you would like to
    organize a drive where you live,

    perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'

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    There will be a T-Shirt for this summer's event!

    Update 5/10/03: I have chosen a vendor! All the art is going to be there by Monday morning (redoing the back of the shirt this weekend after recovering from a system crash), and the presses should start rolling thereafter.

    For domestic orders, the price with shipping is going to be $25. Acceptable sizing will be from M-XXXL.