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    There's an article in the Oregonian today, regarding a top ten listing of unwired cities. I thought the data was pretty interesting. I'm justing typing up the interesting bits, since most of it was blah blah, "it's gonna be big," blah blah "personal telco is great" (and they are), blah blah.

    This study was contracted by Intel, so I'm sure you could argue with the numbers.

    The ranking were actually based on a blended score of the number of wireless access points available, the percentage of households with Internet access and the number of wireless phone carriers offering Internet access.
    Where Portland really shines is in its number of public access points - 130 - where businesses and individuals provide the public with open and free wireless access to the Internet by allowing wireless access to their broadband connection.
    Formatting's gonna be a bitch, so the data goes metro area, commercial hotspots, and public hotspots per 100,000 ppl.

    Portland-Vancouver 4.98 7.36
    San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland 7.81 0.71
    Austin-San Marcos, TX 8.12 1.53
    Seattle-Bellevue-Everett-Tacoma 7.42 0.90
    Orange Co, Cal 3.60 0.00
    Washington 3.90 0.37
    San Diego 4.34 0.15
    Denver 3.95 0.43
    Ventura, Cal 2.65 0.00
    Boston 2.66 0.70

    I was very surprised NYC didn't rank at all.

    Portland is "a very viral community where good things and bad things get passed around quickly." (Nigel from Personal Telco)
    Heh. Think about that next time you mutter about hippies in Oregon. :D

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    Re: wireless hotspots

    Originally posted by mfreeck
    Heh. Think about that next time you mutter about hippies in Oregon. :D
    I usually reserve my hippie jokes for Berkeley....:D
    Where's the dedication?


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      they taste just like chicken!
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