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    Sure, copy them all you want. I like the idea of submitting links and ideas for files to include. I want to max the 80min CDROM out with stuff.

    I'll encourage the speakers to submit material, and we'll have have to fill the space that they leave us.
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      Thanks DT,

      hopefully the "filler files" are mostly non-binary / non-trojaned code... hopefully there will be a few methods to check all that is going on the cd before people start loading up all the goodies :D


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        Top off the cd with select images of VV from last year :)
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          I love it. It's great to have, and compliments the sessions nicely. I say keep it. Heck, I'd even pay for it (say, $10), if it were a DVD-ROM and had some of the stuff from the video competition from last year on it as well. :D
          And the shmoo CTF dumps. And a collection of photos from previous DCs. And a vendor list.