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  • Wardriving Book!

    We have waited and now here it is! Novilio aka Jeff Duntemann has created a book for wardrivers by wardrivers, featuring everything you need to know, and perfect for newbies and veterans. It is an easy to read book, as well as a great reference book.

    Jeff Duntemann's Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide.
    ISBN 1-932111-74-3

    book cover:

    WarDriving FAQ

    my comments from the netstumbler forums

    Interesting spin on the network mafia (p268), and the usage of the label "hackers"

    Blah on Warchalking segment (p372), but I guess it had to be there to round out things...

    Great props on reminding people to donate to Marius! <All hail Marius!> (p387)

    Great troubleshooting segment (p230)

    Worthy Security tips (p298)

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    Hooray! Finally! Thanks BW Iam all over this one.
    The penguin is watching.
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      I haven't read the book yet, but unless his WarChalking **cough cough** <myth> **cough cough** section says "Warchalking is a myth fabricated by the media, please turn to the next page to continue." then I don't think it was needed to round things out.

      Other than that though it looks good from what I have seen.
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        cant wait to buy this. i would reall ylike to read it and learn more about wifi. i just got into this all and it really seems, well, fun. my uncle is an electrical engineer and we had a decent talk about bluetooth and 802.11. do you know if borders carry's this book?


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          Originally posted by Natz
          do you know if borders carry's this book?
          I haven't seen it on the shelves but you can get it online :)


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            I'll wait until Blackwave posts his review of the book on amazon. :D


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              Originally posted by astcell
              I'll wait until Blackwave posts his review of the book on amazon. :D
              wait no more! I was the first one to post... unfortunately they didn't care too much for it... alas.