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    I am the head of a projects department of an online zine. We have many different competitions, interviews ect... and news coverage (although we are shifting around alot at the moment). We would like to know if it would be possible to have a contest Juged by us, or possibly anyone you wish... but for 1 winner to have his/her submission placed in the defcon Program. The contests in the past have had a large turnout, and we have high quality work submitted, we would be free to judge however you like, be it we judge it all, or select 4 or 5 pieces that are the best for you to chose from... We would even be willing to pay a small ammount for it. The topics will be the

    Short stories (fiction or non-fiction)
    Underground scene/technoculture/cyberculture

    topics, as they are more suited to the zine (as other affiliats of zZine do more technical writing.) We are part of the CyberArmy community, ( ) and take care to give a high quality of work to everything we do. We would only request that if this does happen, you had at the top somthing like "this is the winner of the zZine writing for DefCon competition" or somthing along thoes lines.

    Please tell me if this is where i should ask this, or where i should if this is not the correct place.

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    BlackBeetle the person that can address this question. If I were you, I would go ahead and have your contest. And then submit the results to blackbeetle (email can be found here or on and see what happens. I would recomend that you do not delay, the program is already being worked on.



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      Just a reminder

      that for the printed program we are looking for previously unpublished works. Because we only do the book once a year, we want the attendees to see all new stuff.

      If zzine runs a contest and then submits to us the winner, that would be great and we will consider it. If zzine publishes that winner's story online before DEF CON, we can't use the story in the printed program. The easy way for zzine to get around this is to post the story online during or after the weekend of the con.
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        RE: Just A Reminder

        Yep, we wouldnt publish it online untill AFTER the con. we would keep the winner in total secrecy, which would possibly make a few ppl more ancious in going to the con, promoting it, will also be a big part of the site... so we will infact be promoting the site


        On another note, anyone here, interested in having an interview done by me (im looking for somone who works with the con) for info, ect... i think everyone at CA and all the other zZine followers would love to read an interview from somone here.