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  • Check your default privacy settings

    Post to check if I can start threads, and let everyone know that the default settings in your user profile indicate everyone can see all your various infos. Do these settings prevent guests from seeing your posts? I just set all my settings to members (seemed to be the most restrictive setting)

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    That contact information should be limited to the IM accounts users include in their profile. These existed pre-upgrade as links included within each post for those users that added Yahoo Instant messenger, ICQ, AIM, etc information. It should not include email address. Contact information will also include any web page you specified as yours, and location, which were also part of each post as links or descriptions before upgrade. This is not "live location" using app GPS information -- it is a static field that you fill in however you want. Some people have chosen or home, or none-of-your-business. We've never validated or required valid location information. Your bio is also up to you and can be empty.

    Subscribed and subscribers information might be new/

    DoB should not be required, and we never enforced real DoB. Frankly, I would be surprised if many people include their real DoB here at all.

    One bit of good news is that it appears you can post new threads.
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      <Deleted due to my having derp!>