Hello everyone,

Defcon 23 will have the third annual Tamper-Evident Village! The MFPs (Motherfucking Professionals) were undefeated for the first few years of the tamper contest at Defcon. Since Decon 21 we've hosted the TEV instead to help people learn about these security technologies. Tamper is a great hobby and one of the relatively unexplored areas of physical security. Come learn about it in a friendly, hands-on environment!

What does Tamper-Evident mean?

"Tamper-evident" refers to a physical security technology that provides evidence of tampering (access, damage, repair, or replacement) to determine authenticity or integrity of a container or object(s). In practical terms, this can be a piece of tape that closes an envelope, a plastic detainer that secures a hasp, or an ink used to identify a legitimate document. Tamper-evident technologies are often confused with "tamper resistant" or "tamper proof" technologies which attempt to prevent tampering in the first place. Referred to individually as "seals," many tamper technologies are easy to destroy, but a destroyed (or missing) seal would provide evidence of tampering! The goal of the TEV is to teach attendees how these technologies work and how many can be tampered with without leaving evidence.

What's there to do at the village?

* For your viewing pleasure, collections of high-security tamper-evident seals from around the world.
* Sit-down presentations & demonstrations on various aspects of tamper-evident seals and methods to defeat them.
* Hands-on fun with adhesive seals, mechanical seals, envelopes, and evidence bags.
* Electronics rework & reverse engeineering stations for working with electronic tamper seals.
* Contest workspaces (space permitting). Sit down in the village and work on your tamper contest box! The village should have a variety of tools you can use to help defeat your box.
* Counterfeitting! Learn about techniques used to counterfeit documents, identification cards, and much more! We hope to have a full section devoted to this (TBD based on village size).

Contests hosted in the Tamper Village:

* Tamper-Evident Contest; a full-featured tamper challenge. Get a package, tamper everything in it, complete all challenges within it, and return it to us without any evidence that it has been tampered! The DC23 Tamper Contest will be fully ran by the MFPs --- if you played previous years you're in for a real challenge that includes countefeitting, tamper puzzles, traps, and electronics. Start practicing now!
* The Box; an electronic tamper challenge. An extremely realistic explosive with traps, alarms, and a timer ticking down. One mistake and BOOM, you're dead. Make every second count! Sign ups on-site when the TEV begins.
* Badge Counterfeitting Contest; submit your best forgery of a Defcon 23 human badge. Other target badges are also available for those looking for more counterfeit fun!

We'll also have some take home kits of mechanical and adhesive seals if you want something to take home to practice on. If there's anything you'd love to see at the TEV please let me know here or via PM so that we can make the village better!

See you all in the village at Defcon!