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What to Bring to the Shoot?

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  • What to Bring to the Shoot?

    I'd like to attend my first DEFCON shoot at DC23. I'm wondering what I should bring? I would like to bring a rifle and a pistol, maybe two of each and of course ammo. How much should I plan on bringing? What else would be useful to have a long? Tools, cleaning stuff, what else? I'd like to be as well prepared as I can. Thanks.

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    It sounds like you have the main items covered. I'd also recommend:
    - Targets: soda cans, water bottles, clays, paper/stand, zombies etc (no exploding/fire/boom targets please)
    - Stuff to assist with removing any non biodegradable materials from the site (ie. plastic, paper, exploded soda cans)
    - Sun screen/glasses/hat/bandanna
    - Water/Drink/Snacks - it's not so bad for the Wed evening but your still out there for 3-4+ hours if you attend both sessions. Thursday morning shoot it gets even hotter so definitely bring water
    - Eye/ear protection - the shoot organizers usually have extra's for a small fee but things are usually in short supply so it helps to bring your own
    - Cash if you'd like to shoot expensive/unique items that others bring/provide
    - Camera
    - Friends

    If you intend on sharing your toys I'd recommend:
    - Extra ammo beyond what you'll shoot
    - Paper/cardboard sign + markers to help limit the barrage of questions about what is it/how much/etc
    - Extra eyes/ears
    - Someone in another thread suggested plastic bags to put X rounds in and mark Y dollars

    Another thing to consider is storage of your firearms while attending DC. I'll let others jump.



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      I've attended with 2000 rounds of ammo and only shot 200. it alldepends on how many others are there, how much time you get on the range, how much time you spend reloading, cleaning up, setting up, and all the offline times from Range Control. If you show up with all your ammo already loaded into magazines you will save a lot of time.

      Calculate how much you use on a range and plan that way. There is no such thing as extra ammo, it will not go to waste. As for securing your toys, you can leave the in your car or th ehotel room, or security may want to hold them for you if they see you in the hotel with them. I can't tell you what to do without also telling other people what I do and what you may do.

      Travel only with what you are comfortable. I went form taking 20 guns to take 4. I may even take less this year. There is a point wher it becomes work and not fun. Don't cross that line.


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        AST and others hit it on the head with those points.

        1. ammo won't go to waste (but be prepared to either give away what you don't use or sell it at clearly-indicated pricing to others)
        2. securing the guns isn't super hard in the hotels, etc.
        3. this is supposed to be fun. not a "job" ... the best shoots have been the recent ones when i only have my carry piece on me, and sometimes don't even fire that.

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