New this year is a straightforward process for all peoples interested in submitting a Contest, VIllage or Event to DEF CON 23.

Simply email a request to with your contest idea. Was it from a past year? Check your email, we may have already pre-approved you! Didn't hear from us? We may need to get more information before the approval comes through.

Thinking about a new contest, concept for contest or village or just want to nag our email inbox? Drop a line! Some of our best events have come from open workshopping of ideas. So don't be shy, submit your idea's today!

Also note: posting an idea to the forms and waiting for us to pluck is is not a good plan. Please drop ideas here for everyone to collaborate, but when you are ready to make it official, send an email to

Contest, Villages and Events open call: NOW!
Closing for new submissions: May 30, 2015
Approval Board: c01eslaw, grifter, hackajar
Black Badge Events: CTF - plus we might announce some others early this year, keep your eyes peeled.
Submission Email Address:

Basic Submission Rules -
* Have a full idea baked as best as possible, we can help you, but simply "something with robots" will not do
* CC your second in command, if you have one
* Include your phone number if possible
* Be prepared for us to say yes
-> Conference calls we required you to attended before con will be three (3)
-> Space, power, network requirements will need to be sorted before the show
-> Team will need to be ready to deliver by August 3rd

Additional Questions? Check out last years "million questions" thread here -