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Big Bonus for Staff and RSOs at this year's DEFCON Shoot

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  • Deviant Ollam
    (i plan on buying two of the badges for myself, heh, so i'll take 9 of them with the altered color display and one of the standard color) ;-)

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  • seeess
    I'll have a different display color available for volunteers, up to 15 (assuming I don't fuck any up).
    I'm not sure how many volunteers deviant needs, but the last 7 could buy their badges and get this different color if they wanted.

    I have a few extra displays so if deviant only needs 8 volunteers, I'll just slap in a normal color display on the other boards and only make 8 with this different color (if that makes sense)
    All of this assumes I pull this off of course.

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  • Big Bonus for Staff and RSOs at this year's DEFCON Shoot

    So, i'm going to start signing people up as staff and RSOs for the DEFCON Shoot this summer.

    In addition to the usual benefits (free entry, free use of the "staff" lane when you're not on shift) there's another big bonus this year... you've seen the chatter about the electronic shot timer badges that seeess is trying to make for us? I'm going to buy a bunch. the first eight people we have who email me and successfully sign up to be on my volunteer team will be given one.

    to volunteer, please send an email to with the following details...

    * name or nickname:
    * best email to reach you:
    * best phone number to reach you:
    * what role you'd like to have (general staff or RSO)
    * what two shifts you'd like to have (Weds #1, Weds #2, Thurs #1, Thurs #2... please pick two shifts)
    * if you've been on my staff before
    * what your experience is with firearm safety (if you're volunteering to RSO)
    * acknowledgement that you understand the Shoot is far away and you'll need a ride, not a taxi (this was actually a thing one year for someone)

    first 8 folk to lock in can get an electronic shot timer badge (as long as they are finished by the Shoot, which is looking promising)