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New version of EMI Tec - Related also to "Electronic Weapons - Def Con"

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  • New version of EMI Tec - Related also to "Electronic Weapons - Def Con"

    I'm new one here and come to ask for advise.
    New version of EMI Tec /weapon was engineered by me, but still without proto - due to some practical reasons.
    All reasonable calculations were done.
    It enables to "deliver" a point-like source of EMI energy of up to 100kv/m to distance from tens to hundreds meters - in preselected direction.
    The device may be manufactured as really portable, reusable, but uses some "disposable" elements... :)
    The device enables to "generate" this with relatively high frequency. (1-10Hz)
    Sorry about such a short description, but hope the reasons of that are clear.
    So the advise I need is the following:
    I want to monetize this tec. But have no any personal link to any appropriate organization/society/community.
    (Since my niche is biotec )
    I think such a solutions like traditional "start-up" or crowdfunding are also unacceptable...
    Hope my intention is legal.
    Your advise, ideas... collaboration? Please!
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    But can it make a plane fly sideways?


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      In case you will deliver this EMI source really close to vital electronic components of the plane - yes.
      (Some case of air dogfight) But it has to be really close.
      As you may easily see, on 30m distance its field become 100v/m.
      IMHO it is some advantage - relatively far equipment can not be damaged.
      Thus it may be very effective to neutralize each electronically active object locally - when you take care to make a "good shot".
      Helicopters, external tank equipment, communication units, radars etc. - anyway you "deliver"...
      Technically such a "good shot" is not sophisticated issue. :)
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