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Word from Grifter, BioHacking village has green-light to go!

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  • Word from Grifter, BioHacking village has green-light to go!

    I am not part of the BioHacking Village.

    I received word from Grifter today that the BioHacking Village has a green light, and is allocated space.

    Some information about this:

    Forum Description:
    "We plan to bring human augmentation, genetic engineering, and biosecurity to the DEF CON community. "
    * twitter:
    * Site:

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    Hey everyone, I am Frazier, aka "nulltone", founder of these forums and now currently co-founder of the Bio Hacking Village at DEF CON 23. We open Friday and Saturday at 9am and run until 7pm, Sunday 10am to 3pm. Our village is a soft-launch this year, which means we won't have a larger/dedicated space like (pretty much?) all the other villages. But don't worry, we have five hours of awesome talks lined up. We will also be running rotating demos at our booth/mini-village space, which will be within the giant contest area, somewhere in the middle. We will have signage and maybe even a bit of swag, although honestly we wen't quite low budget this year. There will be lots of stickers tho... maybe some t-shirt giveaways.

    Most of all, the booth will be for meeting the village volunteers and if you're interested sign up to our mailing/planning list. It is very easy to get involved and help out for next year, as we will need more volunteers anyway, to help us run workshops where we do some genetic engineering, neurotech, and perhaps other hands-on biohacking. Think Hardware Hacking Village, but wetware not hardware.

    Please check out our website at for plenty of additional info, I am just mentioning some key points here. Also some of this content isn't on our website yet.

    If you want to give a talk or do a workshop, sorry, it is way too late. We already have a wait list of speakers...

    Soon our speaker schedule and eventually the demo schedule will be posted here and at If you are interested in giving a demo, we probably still have have space to give you a table or half a table for your demo, for at least a couple hours if not longer, so email us or PM me here on the forums and let me know if you want to run a biohacking demo, and please let us know very clearly what you want to do and if you can actually plan/execute said demo in the next two weeks, as DC23 is just around the corner.

    Oh, also... for those reading that don't know him, Grifter is love. Glad to hear he is running Contest / Events / Villages as he is a great guy to work with and has been super helpful getting BHV some space. Round of applause for all the C/E/V goons, actually... so much of DefCon would simply not be happening without them.