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We have reason to believe aliens exist, and may even be trying to contact us...

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  • We have reason to believe aliens exist, and may even be trying to contact us...

    "WARNING: In order to complete the following challenges you must believe that aliens do exist and have possibly made contact. With your unique set of skills you will figure out what they are trying to say."

    DEF CON 23 has finally arrived! As the largest hacking conference takes over Las Vegas, attendees have flocked in to experience all that DEF CON has to offer. Amongst this years diversely skilled, and potentially crazed attendees, one individual in particular is attracting attention and sparking rumors that we cannot seem to ignore. A deranged man has been spotted wandering throughout DEFCON preaching about aliens and attempting to recruit guests to assist him with some sort of extraterrestrial mission. Unfortunately no one has been able to identify the man, however it has been confirmed that he is convinced he has established communication with an alien race. If such claims turn out to be true, this would completely alter the world as we know it. Though the source of this information has yet to be confirmed, many individuals are convinced there is some truth behind his claims and seek assistance in further investigating these allegations. As a skilled attendee of this convention, we require your assistance in uncovering the facts behind these rumors and ultimately advancing the world's knowledge of the alien race.

    Can you perform this ET investigation? If you think you're the person/team for the job, find us at the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest booth!

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    Made my afternoon! Can't wait to help in the much help as I can offer that is.


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      Will the contest be similar to previous years with 7-8 rounds?


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        Yep, the contest will be a similar format to previous years. This year, there will be 6 rounds + a bonus round.


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          The Network Forensics Puzzle Contest is kicking off! Discs are now available for pick up at our booth! The password for Round 1 of the NFPC will be released at 11 am!


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            Pic one :
            or Implant Alien - Human
            or Hybrid Alien - Human

            Pic two
            Our Technology Vega lyre
            H2O Antimatter

            I don't ask anyone to believe me
            some humans are adept at hacking the truth and replacing it with their truths
            and if this message in humans is an annoying message,
            I wouldn't talk to you if you take it off
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