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Word from Grifter, "IntelCTF" has green-light!

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  • IntelCTF
    Pre-registration is now closed! Please stop by the IntelCTF boith to register for challenge!!

    Email: IntelCTF[at] for any questions!

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  • IntelCTF
    Alright guys... the Intel is in!

    Level Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
    Mission1 Creds - jeff:asdasdasd
    Contest Day/Time: Sat 10am - 2pm (The scoring engine will be shut off at 2pm!)
    Location: * (You can watch a talk while participating!)

    Pre-registration is now open! I will only take a limited number of pre-registered teams and those who dont pre-register may still have the opportunity to signup at Defcon. I say "may" because I am only taking a limited number of teams... so first-come, first-served! (Note: Teams MAY have only one team member)

    IntelCTF is the first of its kind! An attacker has "hacked" a rather high profile site and left his mark by defacing it. Your job is simple, use your OSINT skills to track down and identify the defacer! The information is there (no really, it's out there on the internet), go find it and connect the dots. Use the breadcrumbs along the way and follow the trail to complete your objectives. Be the first team to capture all the flags... and you win!!

    Reward: First Place - $500.00

    PayPal Inc. is sponsoring this contest and is providing the reward to the team who comes in first!

    - Simple, right!?! Can you gather the intel?
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  • Miss Jackalope
    Clone me, I want to play!!!

    Is it possible at all to have any teaser on which day/time?

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  • TheCotMan
    started a topic Word from Grifter, "IntelCTF" has green-light!

    Word from Grifter, "IntelCTF" has green-light!

    I just received word from Grifter that this is a go "IntelCTF".

    A description update:

    Originally posted by description
    IntelCTF is a place to hone in your OSINT forensics skills to better identify malicious actors. See just how important Operational Security is and why a single slip-up could be the end of you. The number of teams is limited, so keep your eye out for more info. A cash prize is also in order for the team who places first! Team size is limited to 3.
    A web site that is coming soon for this:

    It sounds like one of the organizers will be posting soon with more information or details.

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