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  • Deviant Ollam
    my favorite part about participating this year was not making a fake Goon badge but rather the other counterfeit I created...

    ... the see-through translucent amber badge with a blue middle kept catching people's attention a whole lot. they would always ask me what it was in an elevator or something, and I'd just reply with a made-up answer every time. My favorite on-the-spot replies included:

    * Magician
    * Free Beer
    * Been attending for a Decade (in actuality, it's been 15 years for me)
    * Wizard
    * Personal Invited Guest of Dark Tangent (paired with a story about him flying me first-class on Emirates even though I'm from Philly)

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  • whereiskurt

    Did you end up annoucing a winner(s)? And if so: who/where/when? :-) I wonder if I missed it... hmm....


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  • arrakis
    WOW What an amazing contest. These entries were fantastic!! You guys totally smashed the contest. We will announce winners today! Also Stits wanted me to tell you there will be vague consequences if you abuse a squirrel with a badge, or misuse a badge other than as directed under FDA regulations.

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  • blakdayz
    40,500 points, 50,000 bonus points added for doing it in the SOC.

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  • whereiskurt

    Team CATnadians submitted a badge this morning. We left it at the TEV with the guy working it at 9AM. We also submitted our photos last night to the email address above.

    We had a great time working on it. Thanks for the fun challenge. :-)


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  • arrakis
    Scorable Person Values:

    Flea (Goon) : 5000
    Virus (Goon) : 3000
    Tacidus (Goon) : 3000
    Kalahar (Goon) : 3000
    Roamer (Goon) : 3000
    Unnamed Defcon Goons : 1500 (Must be badged)
    L0ST: 1000
    Jeff Moss / Dark Tangent: 1000
    Robert Imhoff / Hackajar: 666
    Moxie Marlinspike: 500
    Oxycolton: 500
    C0rpul3nt: 500
    Hex Panda: 500
    Chris Gates: 500
    Dragos Ruiu: 500
    Coderman: 500
    Goldie: 500
    Chris Nickerson: 500
    Green Diamond: 500
    Ian Amit: 500
    Jeff Espinoza: 500
    DJ Keith Myers: 500
    Druid: 500
    FX: 500
    Travis Arnold: 500
    Chris Valasek: 500
    Ltc. Mark Coffin: 420
    Defcon Staff : 300 (Must be badged)
    Eric Michaud: 200
    Adam Laurie: 200
    Jolly: 200
    Todd Kimball: 200
    James McMurry: 200
    Rob Beck / "Whitey": 200
    Alex Kaplunov: 200
    Ace Polyakova: 200
    Dan Kaminsky: 200
    Wim Remes: 200
    Eric Smith: 200
    Ed Word: 200
    Pyr0: 200
    Yaniv Karta: 200
    Zuk Avraham: 200
    Nathan Hamiel: 200
    Josh Brashars: 200
    Shawn Moyer: 200
    Joshua Marpet: 200
    Huge Fortier: 200
    Jonathan Brossard: 200

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  • arrakis
    Scorable Location Values:

    General Conference: 0
    Vendor Area: 10
    Villages: 15
    Speakers Room : 100
    Press Room : 150
    Village Storage: 200
    Vendor Storage: 250
    Registration Back Office : 500
    SOC : 1000

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  • arrakis
    Badge Type Multiplier:

    Human : 5
    Press : 6
    Speaker : 7
    Staff : 8
    Uber : 9
    Goon : 10
    1057 : 11

    TimeStamp Multiplier: (Automatically calculated by received date)

    Wedsday : 2.00
    Thursday : 1.75
    Friday : 1.50
    Saturday : 1.25
    Sunday : 1.00

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  • arrakis

    This years game will not just be scored on your badge duplication skills, but your ability to use the badge as well. You can do this by yourself or with friends. The badges up for counterfeiting are any of this year's current badges. You will perform a variety of tasks with the badge to score points. These tasks include inflitrating sensitive & restricted areas, as well as engaging certain individuals you must locate, all while wearing your counterfeit badge. Think selfies, group photos, and covert encounters. You will prove you have done these tasks by getting a picture or video while doing so, e.g. cellphones are your friend. Photos will not be published in order to keep your identities a secret. Scores will be posted on a leaderboard and manually updated at regular intervals during Defcon. Values for specific persons, infiltration spots, badge types, and days will be published just before conference starts. Additional People / Infiltration tasks may be added to the list during conference. If you win this contest, may whatever god you believe in have mercy on the souls of your enemies.


    1. Follow the scoring algorithm below to achieve maximum points. The team with the most points wins.
    2. Duplicate tasks by the same team won't be recognized to eliminate the advantage of contestants teaming up.
    3. You can score points anytime from Weds until 8am Sunday morning. I'm not saying you should covertly copy a goon badge, but I am saying creativity and resourcefulness pays off.
    4. We will accept actual badges of this current year as counterfeits, as long as it has been modified from one badge type to another. eg Human Badge -> Uber Badge, etc. You can duplicate more than one type of badge if you so choose.
    5. Everytime you succeed at a new scorable task, send it in to including the requested submission data below.
    6. Time is against you. The sooner you send in the proof, the higher points you will earn.
    7. The type of badge you duplicate and use will affect your scores. More risk = more reward.
    8. In order for your team points to count, you must turn in your counterfeit badge to TEV staff no later than Sunday 9am for final judging. We suggest Saturday end of day, but it's up to you. Failure to turn in a counterfeit will disqualify your team.
    9. If you lost / broke your duplicate badge, make another so similar we can't tell the difference between your first fake and the second.
    10. Badges will be judged on their quality, creativity, difficulty of fabrication, potential functionality, ability to pass visual inspection from a distance, and overall dankness.
    11. Don't obsess with perfection before you start scoring task points. You have till the time you turn in the badge to keep improving it.
    12. If multiple badges are used and thusly turned in by the team, the badge score multiplier will be averaged between the badges.
    13. No goons or defcon staff are permitted to participate in order to prevent an unfair advantage. You may temporarily befriend goons or staff for the purpose of accomplishing the social engineering aspects.
    14. Pull off an epic infiltration we haven't officially listed as a task? Send it in and explain, could be worth points!
    15. Counterfeit badges you turn in become property of the contest and may be displayed or auctioned off for charity.
    16. This game is for badass motherfuckers with extrodinarily impressive genitals, and by participating you accept the potential consequences of getting busted. I don't know if there are any serious consequences for non-goon badges, except I can tell you the goons didn't think a fake goon badge was nearly as funny as Dark Tangent did.
    17. We suggest you do not have your real badge (you bought one right?) displayed on your person during tasks incase you get hassled. Many goons have large egos & inferiority complexes because they have small brains & genitals; plan accordingly.


    Final Contest Points = (Total Task Points) * (Sunday Badge Score Multiplier)
    Task Points = (Person Value + Location Value) * (Badge Type Multiplier) * (Timestamp Multiplier) [+ Judge's Discretionary Bonus Context Points]
    Sunday Badge Score Multiplier: Hand-graded from 0 to 100. Failure to turn in a badge is a 0, so make sure you do!


    Please include the following for each scorable event you submit to :

    1. Team Name
    2. Person(s) and/or Location (you are not required to list an area if it is just general admin floor areas)
    3. Badge Type
    4. Photo or video proof of the task
    Last edited by arrakis; August 4, 2015, 13:56.

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  • arrakis
    started a topic DC23 Counterfeit Badge Contest

    DC23 Counterfeit Badge Contest

    Welcome back old friends and new. We will be once again hosting the counterfeit badge contest in the Tamper Evident Village! We had so much fun last year with amazing entries, and we learned a lot too! We are changing the game to make it more inclusive, challenging, and transparent. The objective is not only to duplicate a badge, but to use it. The rules are very different this year as they will integrate social aspects for scoring points, and make badge choices more flexible for contestants. You can work by yourself or you can have friends help too. Game rules will be posted shortly, but know this: fortune favors not only the bold, but the skillful and deceptive as well.