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Anyone wanna team up for OpenCTF?

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  • Anyone wanna team up for OpenCTF?

    So i was planning on having a go at the OpenCTF just by myself. I play lots of online CTF qualifiers, but still class myself as a beginner in CTF's.

    Feel pretty good in Web, Forensics and any "Misc" categories, but wanna get better in Reverse and Exploit/Pwnables.

    I figure the best way to learn some areas i'm weak in, is to learn from others, and maybe i can show people things they don't know.

    So if you are interested in teaming up for OpenCTF, let me know. Again, nothing serious, i just wanna have fun and learn....which is pretty much the point of any CTF in my opinion :)

    Also, if you've never played a CTF before, but are interested in taking part, join up too! Surely more heads are better than 1.....especially when i plan for my head to be either drunk/hungover for a good chunk of DefCon.

    Reply here or shoot me a PM. I'll also link this on Redditt, so same thing there.


    5 days to go!!!

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    I am game, also a beginner, tried the pros vs joes at Bsides and want to keep going.


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      Anyone else?


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        I'm down, did you want to meet up somewhere tomorrow or tonight?


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          Just got in and getting a chance to check in on the forums. Not sure if you guys are interested or not or, if you are, how we'd set the thing up but I'm down for maybe giving it a go at a team for DC24.
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