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DEF CON 23 is OVER. What did you like or hate and how have DC 24 be better?

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  • 0x7eff
    Here's my idea's from last year some of which still apply:

    20 minute, and demo-only tracks are high on my list to cut the pontification talks. Multiple registration stations, or registration on check in would be great.

    I participated in demo lab this year which is a great idea, but was very poorly executed:
    - When my cfp was accepted I asked if we got badges. I was told no and paid for mine, others doing demo lab got free badges. Seems like the least that could be done for folks volunteering their time. At the very least, be consistent.
    - Showed up and almost no goon had even heard of demo labs, much less knew where it was.
    - No tables were set up, no monitors were available so I spent the first half hour of my time shouting and gesturing about my project until a kind audience member braved the goons to social engineer a monitor for me to use so we didn't have to gather around my laptop screen.
    - Spent at least an hour after the presentation trying to convince various goons to take responsibility for the monitor that we procured so we didn't have to steal it from the next presenter.

    So if you do demo labs again next year (and you should), do it more like arsenal at blackhat and have dedicated folks who are on site and willing to facilitate the setup and flow from one project to the next. We pour our heart into these projects and it would be nice to focus on the project and not the logistics of doing 2hrs of demos.

    The new venues are great for options in housing, eating, transportation etc. The narrow walkway between talks and villages is not ideal since it's designed to slow walking traffic, but I don't think there is anything you can do unless there are secret passages between paris/ballys (which would be epic).

    All in all, much better this year! Congrats.

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  • DEF CON 23 is OVER. What did you like or hate and how have DC 24 be better?

    Hello! Welcome to the DEF CON forums. We want your input and feedback for DEF CON 23:
    * Where did we succeed?
    * Where did we fail and how can we best avoid the failure your observed?
    * What can we do better next year?

    If you can offer *constructive* criticism about things that happened about DEF CON 23, I will try my best to welcome your thoughts and ideas.

    It is my plan to gather all of your input and report this to department heads within DEF CON in an executive format with a summary of your thoughts and ideas. It is perfectly fine for you to repeat the ideas of others in this thread and violate the normal "me too" rule we have on the forums -- for this thread, the count of complaints and suggestions that match may help improve scoring for an item and how to fix it when composing the report.

    Please let us know your thoughts.


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