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Call For Paper reviewers want your feedback ... how were the talks?

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  • The Dark Tangent
    Actually, if people are ok with posting publicly I would really appreciate any feedback here.

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  • Call For Paper reviewers want your feedback ... how were the talks?

    Please let the CFP people know how they did, what they did well, and where and how they can improve their selection of papers in the CFP review.

    You may have seen some of the people that worked the CFP (Call For Papers) reviewing all of the talks submitted to the DEF CON CFP, wearing specially crafted CFP badges at DEF CON 23. These people suffered through reviewing crappy talks, commercial talks, and have had to make difficult decisions between multiple talks of similar quality in same domains. Their job was hard work, and demanded long hours, often time they spent after their real job which actually pays their bills.

    They would like your feedback!

    At least one has outlined how to contact them:

    Summary of the tweet/exchange linked above:
    1) If you have a short review, please tweet a reply to this tweet:
    2) If you have a review that is longer than a tweet, please try email. You can find the email address to send by taking the username jericho and then use the "@" and then the domain name of attrition dot org
    3) [Or reply with a post here] -- Added this line affter reading Dark Tangent's post below

    More CFP reviewers may also want your comments and ideas, too. If I see a request from them, I'll add it here.
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