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Hack Fashion (Contest Proposal for Defcon 24)

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  • Hack Fashion (Contest Proposal for Defcon 24)

    Looking for feedback.
    • Will it fly?
    • What changes would you make? For instance, I want to include a code component, but need help crafting the category.
    • Who should I contact to take it to the next steps?
    • Anyone interested in helping?

    DefCon attendees have their particular look and style. After years of noting the faaaaaaabulous clothes people bring, I thought it would be great to find a way for people to show it off. What better way than a contest?
    Criteria for judging
    • Must be able to turn left.
    • Must incorporate the spirit of hacking and security. Think about everything from material used to function. What can be built in that eases the life of an ordinary, everyday, whitehat or a devious, singleminded black-hat?
    • Must be legal in the US, Nevada, the hotels and Defcon. I once saw a dress that had a ferret habitat built into it. So if you bring live animals (or any other possibly questionable item), you'd best bring proof that you've cleared it with the various authorities first. We REQUIRE proof.
    • You supply your own runway models.

    Curated vs non curated
    • Curated: Not everyone wants to spend their con making stuff. Plus making great fashion takes time. The curated part of the contest is constructed for the runway. Items should be submitted via picture prior to the show. Depending on the number of entries the top two or three will be picked to take the big walk. The rest will be shown at the contest table.
    • Non Curated: Made during contest hours at the con.

    In my Dreams
    • If other contests/events are willing, I would love to incorporate some of this fashion into their line up of events:
        • Flashy, Blink, Bang Bang - Hardware Hacking
        • Move Along, Nothing to see here – Black Box Speed Run
        • What Dad/Mom wouldn't be caught dead in and Kid's Conwear – Rootz
        • The Shirt off their back Social Engineering
        • Found Item Fashion – Scavenger Hunt
        • Formal Geek Wear – Freakfest or Black&White
        • If we sell or auction anything - $ to charities

    Curated Events
    Men's* Conwear (Ectomorph to Mesomorph): Sizes M S-XL
    Women's* Conwear (Ectomorph to Mesomorph): Sizes W S-L
    Men's* Conwear (Mesomorph to Endomorph): Sizes M XXL+
    Women's* Conwear (Mesomorph to Endomorph): Sizes W XL+
    What Dad/Mom wouldn't be caught dead in: Conwear for teens (13-17)
    Kid's Conwear: Appropriate for ages 3-12
    Baby Booty Conwear: For the smallest nerds
    Formal Geek Wear: Must meet into the most stringent dress codes for restaurants in Vegas: Joël Robuchon, Eiffel Tower, Hugo's Cellar, etc.)
    Accessorize This: Best Hacker Accessory
    Reproducible: Geek wear that comes with instructions and or a kit anyone can follow. Agree to turn over copyright for instructions to show and or defcon with attribution. (What I'm trying to inelegantly state is the purpose of this is for others to make it.)
    Flashy, Blink, Bang Bang: Whatever it is, it needs to blink and make noise
    It Takes a Village (or two, or fifteen): Fashion that incorporates elements of villages (Hardware, Hardware, Car, Tamper Evident, Bio-hacking, lockpicking, Data, etc)
    Move Along, Nothing to see here: Best Clothes for Espionage

    Non curated Events
    Defcon Swag Modification: Must be bought at con and changed
    The Shirt off their back: Talk someone out of their shirt and refashioned.
    Found Item Fashion: You have 24 hours to make glamorous from the whatever. Caveat: nothing can be purchased, it all must be scrounged.
    *Any mention of Men's and Women's denote body structure not actual gender of person filling cloths.