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    I didn't make it to D23 this year and wanted to pick up a good wallet. Leather or ballistic nylon. Any suggestions?

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    DIFR Wear ( ) had someone selling wallets at DEF CON ~3 years ago. I did not see them this year. Their wallet has worked well enough for me, but their passport holder has held up better. After ~2 year of normal use, their wallet has been working ok, but the little insert for photo ID has suffered -- the transparent plastic that covers photo ID has become brittle with time, and a need to remove and re-insert photo ID. It is possible to "flip around" the Photo ID holder and get use out of "the other side" but it is still annoying.

    Even with this trouble, I will buy another wallet from them when this one finally dies.

    It has been effective at blocking reading of my RFID cards from being read with the readers I have, unless the wallet is "opened." (This was a question I had before buying it... would I have to open *and* remove a smart card for scanning, or is opening sufficient for scanning? Leaving the card in the wallet, and opening it for scanning was enough to have my RFID card work.)

    The passport holder has worked much better. The way that the passport photo ID slips into the transparent plastic pocket makes the process to slide out and in the passport photo ID page easy, and has not stressed the plastic.

    Another vendor, which I do not recall seeing at DEF CON, but has been discussed at con with others: but I do not know of anyone that has tried these.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. : I do not work for either of these companies, and I gain nothing by commenting about their products. This is not an advertisement.


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      Thanks, I'd heard of dirf, the other one has some nice offerings. I appreciate the help.


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        Went with ID-Stronghold. Not much for style, but works well. Blocked a HID on a door sensor.