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    Thank you DT, P33V3, Deviant and others for the useful feedback. After reading the replies, especially DT's, I did want to point out that the rules of the counterfeiting contest this year involved getting more points for gaining access to more sensitive restricted areas, not just creating counterfeits and having them judged in a display case. I wasn't doing that, but it seems to be contradictory to the aversion toward escalation of privilege. In fact, I made the badge with the intention of entering it in the contest, but when I found out that the contest involved running around the con and getting pictures of yourself with specific people (and bonus points for being in restricted areas) I decided against it as I had other contests I was dedicating my con to.

    It also seems to be pretty well accepted (at least among non-goons) that goons shouldn't be destroying attendees' property, even counterfeit badges, and arguably not taking it without returning.

    Finally, thank you P33V3 for taking these issues to heart. I'm glad there are goons who are willing to take on even controversial issues to ensure an enjoyable con for us humans.