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wow. someone made a selector trigger that is non-Title-II and SUPER impressive

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  • Deviant Ollam
    i'm willing to put in the time to get proficient with it, heh. :-)

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  • seeess
    To burst some bubbles: It isn't as good as bump firing, I tried this at SHOT a few years ago.
    Basically the problem is it doesn't force your finger past the reset point. It certainly "assists" but you can't put a constant pressure on the trigger and blat away.

    You have to make a conscious effort to ever so slightly release and apply pressure to the trigger, though you can do this much faster than normal triggers. And it is much more controllable than a bump fire stock.

    After you get the hang of it, you can shoot quite fast. But it takes 8-10 mags or so before you reach this point. Handing this trigger to a new user will result in slightly faster semi auto fire basically (or bursts of 2-4 rounds)

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  • Modafinil
    Thanks - I've got one on the way now. Should be super fun with my CA-compliant 10-round magazine. 1 second of fun @600RPM

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  • wow. someone made a selector trigger that is non-Title-II and SUPER impressive

    wow. just wow...

    ...i've always felt that bump-fire and slide-fire style setups are kind of hokey. not exactly Mall Ninja level of goofy, but still nothing i've ever wanted to own personally. but the 3MR trigger by Tac-Con is a really wild beast. they have engineered a sear with super short travel on the reset and (this i've NEVER seen before) an "assisted reset" feature when the bolt is riding back. check the video.

    i totally want to drop one of these into one of my ARs and have it at the shoot next summer. heh, i would ask around and see if anyone wanted to contribute funds toward this effort, but I can't really find a way that it can strike me as proper to ask. let's be honest, a GoFundMe would essentially be like "let's raise money so Deviant can put a giggle switch on one of his guns" ... so i'll just say that I encourage more folk to keep coming out each year to the Shoot. help support me by supporting the event.

    volunteer, donate water or targets, and generally be good to one another on-site. i'll keep bringing out various exotic fun items for people to try and I hope to see you out there next summer. (let's get more people overnight camping! see new thread about that soon!)
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