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Hotel Room Blocks Waive Resort Fee?

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  • Hotel Room Blocks Waive Resort Fee?

    Just reserved a room at Paris, getting the DefCon rate. Nothing in my confirmation email mentioned the dreaded 'resort fee' that might be added, so I called and spoke with 'Louise' who stated that I would not be charged a resort fee and that the total noted on my reservation would, in face, be the total cost of my hotel experience.

    Can this be true? Can we be so lucky? Or did I just answers from someone whom shouldn't have been answering questions, thus providing false hope.

    Full disclosure, I only say 'dreaded' resort fee, as it converts a simple future expense report into rigmarole.

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    Is DefCon 24 going to be at Paris or Balley's? I reserved my room over at Balley's and I was wondering where the actual convention would be at.


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      Originally posted by 5L3UTH View Post
      Is DefCon 24 going to be at Paris or Balley's? I reserved my room over at Balley's and I was wondering where the actual convention would be at.
      I see you found and posted to the thread on the floorplan discussion for DC24. You can see the convention is split, using both convention centers and other space in both hotels. If you get a hotel room in either of these hotels, you have a better chance for speaker track video to be available in your hotel room on special channels for DEF CON.

      Attend DC101, and intro talks if they return. Some of these are about how to get the most from DEF CON, while others are introductory topics for various disciplines of hacking.

      There are some contests that have portions with learning included in them, and some welcome novices. It is hard to predict which area of focus you have invested time learning will be necessary in solving problems in contests, or events.

      Last year, the longest wait for purchase of badges *once the badge sales opened* was less than 2 hours. I do not want to discourage you from getting in line earlier than the line opens, and if there will be an electronic badge like some people predict for DC24, getting in line earlier has *historically* increased the chances of getting a "nice" badge instead of a printed piece of paper, is greater. If you do show up to line early, please take part in "line-con" -- introduce yourself to people in line with you, and start up conversations.

      Good luck!


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        Thanks Cot. I was thinking of attending DC101 and will definitely check out the special channels for DefCon.

        I don't mind having to wait in line for the badges, especially if it increases my chances of getting a "nice" one. As soon as I find out when they open I will probably see about getting in line. You never know who you will meet or get to know "in line". So for me, cool badge and interesting conversation! Bonus level!


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          I asked if they'd waive the resort fee when I placed a reservation and they told me not possible, no way. YMMV I guess.


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            hahahah Resort Fee Waived.... In Vegas??? That will be the day. If you expect to have crappy dirty Interwebs in your room with a bunch of script kiddies and hackers a'like messing with it... then you'll pay the resort fee. Thats how they'll get you. You want Internet? Oh! Resort Fee then. :P I would have a hard time believing that you wont get a resort fee. I remember laughing in the face of a clerk at Linq (don't stay there) when I asked about a business centre (that SHOULD be available with those resort fees) so I could print a boarding pass and they pointed to some random kiosk beside the casino where I could pay $4.99 to print one. Like I would EVER login to any of my accounts there. hahahahah
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