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    It is never too early to plan. Some people even reserve their room for next year as they check out of the hotel this year.


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      Tickets and rooms at Luxor booked today for a full week. Whoop whoop.


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        If you're staying a Luxor, it may be a bit of a walk in the summer heat. I would recommend checking out the monorails.

        There is a free one at the Luxor that takes you up to Excalibur, from there you can either cross north west to the MGM Grand and take the paid monorail to the Bally's / Paris station, or you could walk north from Excalibur to the Monte Carlo and take their free monorail to the Bellagio, which is across the street from Bally's. Be aware that some of the monorails drop you off somewhere deep inside or behind the casinos, so it can still be a bit of a walk through the casios, but at least those are air conditioned. There is a monorail map with descriptions here:


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          That's really helpful information, thank you. We did consider it's a bit further but we're going to want to explore the strip a little bit during the week anyway. We also wanted to stay somewhere on the strip but not too expensive, so Luxor was a good balance given a reasonable price and quality. Monorail is sure going to make life better in the heat though, thank god for air con :)


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            Frosty, I recommend two things for you.

            1. Go to and peruse the Defcon pictures. They are chronological so you can see what happens at what time.

            2. Go to youtube and watch the full documentary, here:

            Report back what you think!