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Black Phone Drive Upgrade

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  • umass
    Okay, here are the results of my inquiries.

    Silent Circle never got back to me. My take on this is that they've given up on the indie market and that they're mostly focusing on big companies. This is perhaps somewhat understandable, but I'll try to avoid putting further spin on this and will admit that the above is conjecture.

    In conclusion, there is no established maintenance path.

    Personally? I'll be buying the Blackphone 2 in a few months. Lessons learned:

    Blackphone really isn't that great, but there isn't anything better on the market. Something better will come along eventually, I'll cheerfully switch to that once it's available. Black Phone really isn't that bad in the mean time.

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  • umass
    started a topic Black Phone Drive Upgrade

    Black Phone Drive Upgrade

    As mentioned in another post, I need to upgrade the drive on my Black Phone due to wear and tear. Ideally I'd be posting on the canonical Silent Circle forums, but they puzzlingly don't seem to have any. This is a concerning lack of transparency.
    Can anyone recommend a process to upgrade my phone drive? Ideally I will be able to:
    1 - Procure a new usable part.
    2 - Swap out the old drive.
    3 - Load the OS on the new drive
    4 - Import as much of my contacts as possible onto the new drive
    Any advice would be appreciated!