In past years, I have been involved with a group that gets a large suite at the con hotel for a couple nights for some work related stuff and a social gathering. Last year we booked a Celebrity Suite in Bally's Jubilee (south) tower and it worked out fine.

This year, I'm trying to book the same size suite again. These type of suites can't be booked online, you have to call. The person I talked to had me on hold for a long time, apologizing for the wait when she came back, saying that she was trying to figure out why all of these larger suites were "blocked". Her management wasn't sure, and the front desk simply said they weren't allowing bookings in these suites for the dates I requested (Aug 3-5). There was no indication as to why, or as to whether this would be lifted at some point in the future. This was also the case for the next larger suites, which they call the Penthouse.

Anybody have an idea what's going on with this? Any secret insider hotel knowledge about whether this is going to be lifted or if they are saving them for something?