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    I have been spinning tunes since 1993 ain't claiming to be the best at anything or even that good but i hold my own and get around when I am able. I am offering my services free to defcon parties. I mostly do drum and bass/jungle but also have a small collection of hip hop and house music. I will be traveling lite this year with just my controller and laptop to avoid checking anything on my flight(funny how things go "missing" when its thousands of dollars in dj gear. I will be arriving wednesday night and staying through sunday. I have RCA output so all you need is something for me to jack into to make people have a good time. If someone wants to preview one of my sets I broadcast on live video every weekend. add me on FB codemonkey78. happy Defcon 24!

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    Hi hi! Are you on Soundcloud/Mixcloud? Do you have a website?
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

    send in the drop bears!


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      I am on youtube with a few videos otherwise i no longer use soundcloud and host mixes i do live video sets on younow, and ustream