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  • Difference Between Hacker and

    What's the deal with this part of starting a DCG?

    " A: No, this is something better. Anything with the 'hacker' label on it tends attract only one kind of person. This meeting is designed to attract not only hackers but members of the InfoSec community and people who want to learn more about InfoSec but do not consider themselves hackers. The purpose here is to interact with people who may have different backgrounds but share the same passion for technology. Many security people feel that hackers are nothing but trouble and many hackers feel that security people are clueless. Those generalizations are often made in error and we'd like to bring all techno-dweebs back under a single umbrella."

    Aren't people like InfoSec/Cybersecurity experts like Ethical/White Hat Hackers, hackers? What's the difference between "hackers" and members of the InfoSec community? They are one in the same.