Spray Painting IFJ covers!!! Yeppers! Iron Feather Journal no. 20 is now available for the first time, to USA, Canada, UK & Europe... $10= zine, CD+ postage from Japan. $20 for two copies of zine + 2 CDs & Japanese sticker pack. email me @ Stevyn@IronFeather.com if interested. The zine is action packed with reviews, global contacts, cyberpunk articles + stories, cool art, phreaking dox via john falcon, poetry + interview with chris mosdell, black mist news, fashion by mona lucero, book excerpt by brad carter {phone losers of america}, hacker network, cheap tokyo tips, autonomous mutant festival, johannes [monochrom] , interview with dj mayuko, art by lin rhys, herman shorts, airick redwolf, excerpt from maurice leblanc's "on the top of the tower" , syntax error!!!! and lots more! world's 2nd best hacker + cyberpunk magazine (established 1987).

Working on next issue of magazine and seeking art, comics, articles, interviews, network contacts, infos, etc contact me! drop mail now!!

Cheers from your amigo in Japan !!!!!!!!!!


PS if you attended the first defcons then you met me for sure.....