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Info about Counterfeit Badge Contest at DEF CON 24

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    Originally posted by Nikita View Post

    I think that something on this subject, would make a good DEF CON 24 talk. Hmm, maybe discuss the difficulty in creating counterfeit badges, showing your multiple success and fails. I'd want to know all the methods used and the challenges involved in reversing them from scratch. Tell us how you managed to escalate your privileges into the worlds most elite air-walled hotel fortresses filled with day old farts and donuts. HECK you could possibly get 5 to 6 such individuals together to generate the content!

    YOU COULD CALL IT: How to Make Your Own DEF CON Black Badge

    but....that's none of my business.

    should have known you'd comment on my post :)
    See you in 2 weeks!