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  • Info for DEF CON Scavenger Hunt

    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by details

    We are the second longest running contest at Defcon; DC24 will be be the 19th hunt. It is considered by many as the best and most entertaining way to spend Defcon. Previous contestants have become goons, contest organizers, and other pillars of the Defcon community.

    We spend the entire year developing a list of items and actions that entertain the contestants, other Defcon attendees, and (most importantly) the judges. The items on the list encourage players to spend their time interacting with others at Defcon, something that makes the Scavenger Hunt unique.

    Many people ask us how to prepare for the hunt and the only thing we can say is read the previous lists, which are on our website. Our contest combines social engineering with technical discovery and forensics; if we said much more, the element of surprise would simply decay.