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The Box is a mini-contest hosted inside the Defcon Tamper-Evident Village. The premise is simple: defuse a bomb! Make a mistake and get blown up. Don't worry, you can respawn at the back of the line. The Box is an extremely realistic EOD challenge that will test your skills against a variety of traps, alarms, and tamper-evident sensors.

Official Rules:

* Do not cut any wires or remove any tape. The Box will instantly kill you in 99.9% of these situations and you'll force the TEV staff to waste time making repairs.
* If Rule #1 isn't explicit enough, do not cause any permanent damage or modification to The Box.
* Two players form a team; signups start on Friday in the TEV @ 10:00. Only team members can be near The Box during your run.
* You are not provided any tools. What sort of EOD tech doesn't bring tools? The Box can be beat with less than $5 of easily acquired equipment.
* If you blow up, stop what you're doing and step back from the box. You're dead. Please don't make us install the dye packs and flashbangs (seriously).