It's that time of year again! The Hardware Hacking Village is showing up for DEFCON 24 and so I'm putting out a call for Volunteers to help. Volunteers have powered and made this village a success since DC16, and this year is no different! The village is nothing without volunteers, and so once again - I cry out to the readers of my posts on these forums "WE NEED YOUR HELP!" I'm looking for a few good folks to come join us for DC24 to learn/help/teach others about hardware hacking but, most of all - have a GREAT time!

Generally we ask that individuals have some level of experience or interest with hardware before volunteering to best enable them to help others. This could be anything from tinkering around on your own, working on projects, classes, etc - we're really flexible (and happy to talk if you have questions or concerns). The critical part is a desire to spend time in the village, helping out those who might really want to get into Hardware Hacking, and most of the time, just don't know where to start. Oh, I forgot to mention - volunteers also help make sure that the HHV doesn't catch fire and burn down DEFCON. We've made it this far - I have confidence we can keep our fire incident count low with your help!

Volunteers generally work rotating shifts over the weekend to make sure that we have coverage for the village. We don't want to take all your time up (you are volunteering after all and there's just tons to do at DEFCON) so we're very flexible in arranging time. That being said - if this is your first year or you doubt you'll have a few hours a day to give, this might not be the best option to volunteer for. Again - nothing is set in stone, it's all a discussion, I just like to list the negatives in addition to the positives so you know what you're getting into.

If you're interested, and this life of fumes sounds like fun to you, please PM me on this forum. I apologize if I don't get back to you immediately but, I promise I will reach back to everyone who reaches out. If you have questions, feel free to ask them here or in PM. I'd also like to invite any alumni to reach out, as we've always got room for you!

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to hearing from the interested folks. Either way - see you all in Vegas, and let's make DC24 the best one yet!