Hacker Jeopardy - DEFCON's oldest and most popular contest -- is back for its 22st running. Beer. Schwag. Adult behavior. Humiliation. Audience participation. You gotta be there!


Okay, just to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity, here are the directions to sign up your team. Don't do something else (like post a reply to a forum thread, since it might not get read in time.)

IMPORTANT: If you are new to this and want to try out your skillz before embarrassing yourself in front of 2,000 people, come to the CONTEST AND EVENT area STAGE on Friday or Saturday between 10:00 and 12:00 and 2:00 and 4:00 and give it a go. We'll prescreen you with five questions; teams that score the best (or bribe the most) will get selected to play on Friday or Saturday evening at 8:00 in Track 1.

1. Open an e-mail to "hackerjeopardy@gmail.com"

2. Include your TEAM NAME and the real names and handles of your three (3) team players. (Privacy policy: we protect your identity unless a Fed or someone with a whole bunch of cash wants it.)

3. Explain why you are 31337 enough to play this year. Brag like you're trying to get lucky.

4. Include at least one cellphone number so we can contact you to notify if you're playing or there's a problem with your entry.

5. Send the e-mail as soon as possible, and then SHOW UP for your prescreening on Friday or Saturday. If you send in late, or don't show up, or suck big time, you probably won't get to play. In case of any dispute, you're wrong (unless you are a Fed described in #2 above.)

See you there! - G. Mark
Check out the HACKER JEOPARDY forum at https://forum.defcon.org/forum/defco...er-jeopardy-aj