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DC24 HHV Reverse Engineering Challenge!

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  • DC24 HHV Reverse Engineering Challenge!

    This year, we are bringing a fun little reverse engineering challenge to the con. Come to the HHV ops table on the contest floor, pick up a kit, solve the puzzles, and win some prizes.

    There are a number of prizes, most of which graciously provided by Pololu (probably attempting to further advance the rise of the machines) that will be given out. There is no "top winner," everyone who completes various tasks will have a chance to win something from a random drawing, plus some other special prizes for those who go above and beyond.

    Entry is $2 to cover the cost of hardware, anything given above that will be handed right to the EFF/Hackers for Charity/you suggest something/etc. That $2 buys you some hardware, and instructions on how to proceed. The hardware can of course be used after the con, it might not be much, but it's one more tool in your box that you can use in a pinch somewhere. Contest start is Friday morning when the contest floor opens; all completed entries must be submitted by Saturday night when the contest floor closes. All winners will be announced Sunday. Instructions with the hardware will have more information on this.

    The HHV will have some equipment set up in order to help play along with this challenge, but it is suggested to bring your own tools if you have them. This is a friendly competition, help out your fellow hackers, learn something new! The skill level required for this is pretty basic, but it does ramp up. Don't let this discourage you! There are two tiers of entries, even if you are just starting out in electronics you can learn something and have a chance to win something.

    FYI if this ends up being popular, it will make its way back to the HHV again in coming years. If you like it and want to see more, let us know!
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    Sounds like fun. Can't wait.