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Data Duplication Village at DEF CON 24!

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  • Data Duplication Village at DEF CON 24!

    Announcing the DATA DUPLICATION VILLAGE at DEF CON 24!

    New for DEF CON 24 is the evolution of the last years DEF CON Media server drive duplication into the data duplication village. It will include a copy of everything from plus more.

    DEF CON will provide a core set of drive duplicators as well as content. It will be a first come, first served situation. Bring and label your 6TB SATA blank drives, and put them in the queue for the data you want and 14 hours later it is ready for pick up.

    The first batch will happen Thursday evening, so if you want in come by the event area. While it will be closed to everyone for setup there will be a table where you can drop off drives between 6pm and 7pm.

    The village is in the contest and events area in a room along the wall to your right as you enter the space. Look for the sign.
    [Edited by TheCotMan with OK from DT:] OK to change location details
    Updated Location: The Data Duplication Village has been moved to Bally's "Palace 7" room.
    The "Palace" rooms are on the Bally's side between the elevators and the Contests/Events space. You can find 4 events using these "Palace Rooms" :
    * 1057
    * Social Engineer Village
    * Lawyer Meetup
    * Data Duplication Village
    These now have labels on the map that is presently published on the main website, linked from here: (If you do not see "Lawyer Meetup" and "Data Duplication" listed near "Social Engineer Village" then force-reload the image, to prevent a cached-copy of an old image from being served.
    Originally posted by map

    _ 6TB SATA3 new drive(s) - If you want a full copy of everything you will need three. Western Digital RED drives are to be AVOIDED.
    _ Any data you want to contribute to be shared, in USB, HDD, or DVD format.

    You can both contribute data to be duplicated, as well as bring blank drives to get copies and help spread the knowledge.
    Those who want to share their own collections or help with duplication are encouraged to bring their own collections and drive dupers. If your collection is smaller we are thinking of getting some USB thumb drive duplicators for smaller batches. We also will have a DVD duper tower, so bring those legacy DVDs.

    Here is what we are planning to make available:

    6TB drive 1-3: All past hacking convention videos that DT could find, plus video collections from popular YouTube channels, and other sources.
    6TB drive 2-3: hash tables (1-2)
    6TB drive 3-3: GSM A5/1 hash tables plus remaining data (2-2)

    It's not too late. Know of a collection you want included? A repository you want mirrored? Post here with a link and I'll let you know if it makes it on the drive.

    Label your drive(s) with your name, which collection number you want on it, how to contact you, and then check it in. It will be put in the queue for duplication on a first come - first served basis.

    Bring your own drive duplicators and help share the data for more people. Hang out, make friends!

    Duplicating a 6TB (About 5.46 usable) drive at ~110 Megabytes a second comes out to about 13.8 hours. I'll know more once I to a test duplication. This means the first dupe will start early in the morning, and the second dupe late at night. We will create a schedule so you know when the deadlines to check in drive is.

    We will add more dupers to the collection and hope to have about 70-80 drives going at once. More details as we finalize orders.

    OK, this is the initial announcement, fire away with any questions!

    The Dark Tangent
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    Drive #1
    DISK 1-2 Password Tables from
    LANMAN ( 397megs) - SQL ( 1,483 megs) - NTLM ( 3,956 megs)
    6TB GPT NTFS format - 5,31TB used out of 5.58

    Drive #2
    DISK 2-2 Password Tables from
    A5/1 GSM ( 1,676 megs) - MD5 (3,889 megs)
    6TB GPT NTFS format - 5.06TB used out of 5.58

    Drive #3
    --------------------------------------- archive backup from 2016
    Hacking, InfoSec cons, podcasts, video blogs
    6TB GPT NTFS format - XXX used out of 5.58

    Drive #3 is still being compiled, I'll fill as much as possible.

    For those of you who have previous years drives only disk #3 will be different
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      Since rainbowtables have been dead for a while, can we alter a bit for good dictionaries, wordlists and hashcat rules?


      • The Dark Tangent
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        Sure, just recommend new links, and I'll add it. Just to busy to do much research on what the best one of the moment is.

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      Just curious, what is wrong with Western Digital Red drives?
      I will of course bring something else but I just wanted to know why they are bad?


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        Originally posted by Techlord2029 View Post
        Just curious, what is wrong with Western Digital Red drives?
        I will of course bring something else but I just wanted to know why they are bad?
        See the discussion from last year starting at this post and then see the question and embedded reply (comment) on other drives which include WD Red drives:
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          Thank you TheCotMan.
          I should have scanned previous posts for the answer.


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            The WDRed drives seem to time out or not run at full speed. That was last year, maybe they are better now? But don't take the risk.
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              Are the Seagate Desktop HDD ST6000DM001 6TB 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Drives a good bet to bring?


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                If I am unable to attend this years event, can I still mail my drives in?


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                  I have been going through the media drive from last year and trying to catalog as much as I can. It is great having the videos, but if you can't find the information, it isn't as useful. I have OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3, and I have cataloged some of the big conferences and treat them like TV series. I have individual nfo files for each talk, and everything is presented in an easy to navigate menu. It is not perfect, but it works okay.

                  I haven't found a good way to pass this along yet. I have scripts written that will rename the various files from the different conferences to a common naming convention, and match up to the nfo files that OSMC will recognize.

                  I am currently checking for updates, but haven't found a concise list of the changes that have occurred. I would also be really interested in a diff file between years.

                  I am extremely grateful for the work that has been put into this.

                  Thank you.


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                    Would Seagate 8TB drives work with the duplicators? Something like a ST8000DM002?


                    • The Dark Tangent
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                      I assume so, but you would be wasting 2T of space, and the archive drives write at a slower speed and would slow everyone else down to your speed. That's wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

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                    Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
                    LANMAN ( 397megs) - SQL ( 1,483 megs) - NTLM ( 3,956 megs)
                    I'm assuming you mean gigs?


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                      I have the NTLM rainbow tables from which is an app that can run rainbow tables with GPU acceleration, they're the best I've found and are 100% accurate across the full US95 charset up to length 8, from memory they're about 1.8Tb, I'll see if I can bring them up on a drive and drop them off thur. I also have the GSM tables used for Kraken which are around 1.6Tb I think, i might be able to bring those as well. Also got about 300Gb of good password lists.


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                        Information from Nikita :

                        Originally posted by Nikita
                        Data Duplication Village moved to Palace 7, same times.
                        I am reluctant to edit DT's top post.


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                          will this be open thurs-sunday?