Yes, this is late notice. Defcon is coming.

Where: FAMiLab, 1355 Bennett Dr., Longwood, FL

When: Tuesday, July 26th 2016 @ 7:30pm

What: General Meeting, Lockpicking, Art of Exploitation Workshop #3 (0x400 & 0x500)

HackRF fun, vulnerable VM hacking, lockpicking, and plotting the revolution. Okay, the revolution may just be meeting up at Defcon over drinks but its a start.

If anyone would like to give a talk at a meeting please reach out to me at abyssknight {at} dc407 {dot} com. We have a few people in the queue and we’re working out logistics, but more to come on that next month.

If you have any trouble getting in the building please contact them on the FamiLAB Slack or ring the doorbell.

If you are participating in the Art of Exploitation workshop please work through 0x600 & 0x700 by next month.