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DEFCON 24 Shoot is History

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  • seeess
    Yeah that place was nice, and they seemed relatively relaxed for the equipment we were shooting. Not sure I agree with muzzle up, but that's not a big deal. I was looking forward to camping for the first time, but there's always next year.

    It is a little closer, lights, built in target stands, bathrooms, all better. The temperature wasn't even that bad on Thursday, probably due to the weather on Wednesday.

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  • Weinie
    started a topic DEFCON 24 Shoot is History

    DEFCON 24 Shoot is History

    Had a great time, as usual. I might even come close to breaking even on ammo this year :-)

    Great venu, it was just our luck that we got hit with that massive storm front. MAN, those winds were intense. 2+ months of 110+ weather will produce such things.

    I vote for having the shoot there next year. Real toilets with running water, amenities a short distance away, a gun store on the way up (Spartan Gun Store) for people to buy or order ammo from, professional grade covered shooting line, etc, etc.

    See you'all at DEFCON.