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  • kyeho
    Hey folks, I help run DC562 which is located in Long Beach. We have members from all over LA and OC and are pretty active. You are more than welcome to come check us out:
    irc @

    There is also Null Space Labs which is a bit closer, they have lots of classes and great people:
    irc @ #nsl on EFNET

    DC626 is also active but I don't think they have a site at the moment:
    POC Email:
    DC626 Meets: Third Wednesday of each month

    DC213 is also starting back up but im not sure if they have much going on at the moment:

    Hope that helps!
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  • SheldonCooper
    I'm in the SFV area & would be interested in finding a group too.

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  • Dant35An0nym0u5
    started a topic Hello World

    Hello World

    If anyone is in the Los Angeles/SFV area and would like to start up a group or if there is an already existing one, let me know =)

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