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Anyone available going from LA?

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  • Anyone available going from LA?

    Looking for a group on individuals in Los Angeles that want to meet to go to DEFCON. I don't have a ride. Either Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley works. Beverly Hills or Northridge are my ideal places to be picked up. I also want to share a room with someone. I will chip in for gas even though I don't drive I will chip in and even pay for the gas money if necessary. I will chip in for my room. I will bring the money for my own ticket, etc. I will also be willing to pay for more if necessary.



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    Yeah ghostheadx2 am interested. How can I connect with you on this.


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      I'm going from LA and am planning to rent a house in LA before leaving for DEF CON. Will be putting a post up about it but basic plan is come along, rent a room, we'll set up a lab, see some sights, hack some stuff and head to DEF CON!


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        PM me and I'll link you my Facebook.


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          happsdev and dtyomi, I would like to go with you both. Please PM me so we can chat further. Thanks so much.


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            Got room for another? I live in Los Angeles and am seeking a ride to DefCon and a place to stay. Happy to work out the finances with you...


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              Anyone here still need a ride? Going from Lompoc CA, LA is on my way.


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                anyone else, i still have room in my suv if you are interested in coming w/ me .. leave tonight and come back monday. ... probably leave around 8 tonight lol heahehaeh, i have s* to do.
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