Hi, I'm GI_Jack, you might know my close associate and co-founder Sidepocket who generally handles most of the social media stuff. This is the new DEFCon201. We are based out of Hoboken, NJ, within walking distance from both the hoboken PATH train and grove street PATH train. We meet third Friday of the month at Maker Bar, Hoboken New Jersey.

We have NO AFFILIATION with the previous DC201 out of Paramus as that group has been defunct long before we started.

We are mostly a project oriented group, we host presentations and we encourage people to bring their projects with them. All things "Hacking" are encouraged. The wide gamut of anything from Information and Network Security, Biotech Hacking, Interesting things you've done with your audrino/Rasberry PI, to lockpicking and ham radios.

Web Presence:
WEBSITE: www.DEFCon201.org / dc201.org redirects
QUITTER: quitter.no/DEFCON201
MASTADON: https://hostux.social/@defcon201
GITHUB: github.com/DEFCON201
IRC: #DEFCon201 on Freenode.net