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Craft beer at defcon?

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  • Craft beer at defcon?

    Can you buy craft beer at defcon?

    Whats the best bars/bootle shopin town?

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    +1 True, this is going to be an important one. Also are you able to bring a personal water bottle inside with you?


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      I am not telling you what to do, or not to do in this reply. None of this is legal advice.

      AFAIK, DEF CON does not have its own liquor license. Casinos want to protect their own liquor and gambling licenses, and will likely take booze issues seriously. I would expect the hotel/casino will want to be the only seller of booze on-site for profitability *and* legal reasons, and will probably send their own security (not DEF CON Goons) to deal with people that are not hotel employees selling booze. Even people giving away booze (purchased on the property or not) might have a tough time, and that will be between the attendee and the hotel security. If you decide to share booze (whether booze you buy from the hotel, or bring from other sources) please make sure you are not offering any to someone under the legal age to drink; if goons can't intercede on your behalf with the hotel, the is even less that DEF CON goons can do for you if Law Enforcement is involved. :-/

      To abide by the casino's/hotel's rules, you would be limited to whatever beer or alcohol the hotel/casino serves, if you want to drink booze in the convention space.

      As a guess, I doubt they will be searching bags, or water bottles due to legal issues, and bottleneck people-traffic issues and violating fire code when too many people bunch up blocking emergency exit access, but if they do, they might do what the airport does and allow empty bottles through, which you can fill inside the convention space.

      If you are going to break casino rules, it is probably a bad idea to flaunt that abuse, as I do not think DEF CON can intercede on your behalf.

      So, wheeling in a pallet of booze on a pallet truck or boxes of booze on a hand-truck to your hotel suite for a private party is probably an example of advertising to hotel security and their cameras that you intend to challenge them. (This is not advice to break their rules; I am not allowed to encourage that for... reasons.)

      The best advice for the fewest risks: don't bring in your own booze, and if you share booze, do not share with people under the legal age to drink booze.

      To find out what kinds of booze the hotel/casino will be selling, it would be best to check with the hotel/casino whee you are staying, and where DEF CON will be held. If you find the answer to what kinds of booze and brands will be sold, please post your find here, to share with others.

      Sorry, and hope this helps,


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        Understood. Wasn't sure if they served craft/real beer or the swill most venues try to pass off as "craft" beer.


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          I got some Swedish beer from omnipollo with me if someone want to trade?


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            There was a time when a few people got together in a private room to share an equal fascination with craft beers. If I recall the stories correctly there were some world class beers shared amongst this rogue group. Beers rare and unusual, from far and wide. I hear tales it was a tasty and delicious gathering and many amazing beers were drunk, savored, and left behind. Organization of such a thing, however, was likely done privately, on a personally owned website or such other avenues of communication, with time and date information shared equally as privately amongst the future guests on such platforms as are able to even be encrypted. Or so the whispers tell......
            "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."