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  • DEF CON 27 general conversation

    As we decide on a new more simplified layout for the forums let's see how it works to have year specific conversation and questions here.
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    I think we should re-announce the forum's existence at opening or closing ceremonies. By our own volition this should be a better place than FB or reddit for our discussions.


    • The Dark Tangent
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      I totally agree. We have a few issues to fix before we "release" - One we just now squashed, the 6-11 second delay in posting.

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    1) Is video recording allowed in the convention?
    2) If I am video recording for my YouTube channel, do I need a press pass?

    If you are wondering what my channel is like, here is the link to it:


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      Does anyone know if they offer to let people purchase day passes? I'm thinking about flying down to vegas tomorrow and spending one day/night at defcon. Is this possible or have the tickets sold out?


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        there are no day passes, but you don't have to worry about tickets selling out.


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          A lot of post DC 27 articles are popping up. If you see a write up or good post about something of interested please share it here so we can preserve it on the forums.
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            Not so much a mainstream press article, but I nearly teared up, this is what its about!

            While the Internet has changed the world around us, it hasn’t altered inquiring minds or researchers. This is the closest you will get to the original conferences that we or our parents/relatives attended at the dawn of computing.