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    Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
    As we get the forums back in action I am sure we will forget something, a past village or project or community forum.

    If you want to see a new forum or sub forum created, or have an idea on how to better improve things please post your requests here.

    Please set aside space in the forums, and planning sections for HDA - Hackers with Disabilities - we help plan to ensure that people with ADA needs can access, enjoy, and participate in DEFCON!

    Last year we provided maps, guides, and we surveyed the con areas to ensure that people with ADA needs found an accessible and welcoming con.

    The primary contact for HDA is delchi on the forums, and @HDA_DEFCON on twitter.


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    New Mobile Apps Released!

    After more than a year of no updates we have updated to version 2.7. If fixes a lot of bugs, adds features like “like” groups, articles, and better PM support.

    Please download and check out the new mobile apps. Android version is going from 2.5 -> 2.7 and iOS is going from 2.41 -> 2.7

    Use the download links for iOS and Android on the nav bar above:

    Changes in 2.7:

    Features & Improvements

    Group Support - Mobile Suite 2.7 supports the participation in vBulletin's Group channels. Users can create new topics, replies, and comments within existing groups. Group Owners/Moderators can moderate content from within the apps.

    • Added a setting to request account deletion
    • Search - The blank page with no data appears on the search results page.
    • Some text not translated to Spanish in Apps
    • Improved the Share feature
    • Blogs Page- Clicking on avatar should open the correct user profile
    • Moderation - Error message popups during operations multiple replies.
    • Add settings to change the default start screen.
    • Long private messages are truncated in mobile suite 2.6
    • Number page displayed is not correct
    • New Article Page - Clicking back button should keep the original option selected.
    Changes in 2.6:

    • Images & Attachements disappear in app built with Xcode 12
    • List Private Messages as Threads
    • Images uploaded via Android doesn’t display on Android app
    • Upload attachments to messages
    • Android Version Code is hitting the limit of Max INT
    • Push Notifications - The first private message cannot be loaded successfully
    • New PM push notification should open in message thread
    • My Profile Page - Facebook module displays abnormally.
    • “USER” BBcodes (i.e. “mentions”/“taggings” of usernames, by means of the “@”-sign) show up as source (i.e. not rendered at all) in the mobile app
    • Auto renew expired login session
    • Use license specific keystore for Android build
    • Upgrade Android target API level to 30
    • Forum post list doesn’t roll smoothly
    • Reduce excessive white space (when viewing topics)
    • Allow attached images to be saved on the devices
    • Clicking on username should open the correct user profile
    • Friends Page - A banned user has the action to be banned
    • Fix Notifications - Inbox
    • Pull up the message thread to load new message
    • Forums Page - Pull down to refresh scrolls the GUI down
    • There is no prompt message after submitting request in forgot password
    • Create An Account Page - Connect Using Facebook module displays abnormally
    • Message Post Page - Pop up for max chars needs to be tapped twice
    • Image changing size when typing
    • Double line between comment and post
    • Friends Page - User card appears duplicated

    Changes in 2.5:

    Features & Improvements
    • Display user's signature in posts
    • Add the ability to allow users to select a Language.
    • Add Like button
    • Allow Copy/Paste in Forum Posts/Blogs/Articles
    • Add pop-up dialog to allow users to rate app.
    • Mismatched passwords will show an error pop-up
    • Missing phrases available for translations
    • Updated Quick Reply phrases
    • Sharing a Forum Topic or Blog Entry sends an invalid link.
    • Login/Registration/DOB roller input is invisible when using iPhone Dark Mode
    • Updated iOS launch screens to fit Apple's API Requirements.
    • Attached files do not show if View Attached Images Inline is set to fullsize.
    • Forums - Tapping on a picture can display the wrong image.
    • Unable to copy longer messages
    • Notifications - Closing a report does not decrease the notification count for Flag Reports by one
    • Messages --> Default folders created for new users
    • Search tool --> Some Search results are inconsistent
    • Missing password error phrases
    • Allow Likes to be removed
    • Notifications Page - Opening the Inbox a second time displays a blank page
    • Search - Tabs under search bar duplicated
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      Nice Features


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        So not sure where to post this. I sent a message to the contact link below also. There is a DCFOB - DefCon Friends of Bill group. We have AA/NA meetings every year at the conference. Started by Jeff McN... We have a DCFOB discord server. Was hoping to get DCFOB officially registered as a DC Group and maybe a forum for discussion... although we have the discord thing. Let me know, Regards, Craig "§ƱЯfↁ4wg" Ellrod


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          number6 commented
          Editing a comment
          For getting a contest, event, village, party, contact the department that handles these to get them to include this event/party. Forums follows departmental approval processes.

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        1. State clearly what the feature is.
        2. Describe how it might work.
        3. Explain what problem the feature would solve.
        4. Describe a scenario that shows the proposed feature at work.


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          New Mobile Apps Released version 2.8!

          Want to quick way to check in on the forums? Use the mobile app!

          Use the download links for iOS and Android on the nav bar above:

          Changes in 2.8:

          Added support for Android 12
          Display Name Support
          Viewing attached images within Blog posts
          Social Group creation

          Resolved Issues:
          • Support Android 12
          • Add Social Group Creation - General Settings
          • Support Displayname
          • Profile - UI - Texts are cut off in the My Profile page
          • Scroll - Scrolling to the bottom of the page doesn't load the posts from the next page
          • Displayname - The displayname is incorrect in the Articles page
          • Blogs - Blogs don't display attached images
          • Messages - Messages cannot be sent while using the displayname in the Recipients field.
          • Compile iOS app in Xcode 13 (iOS ITMS-90901 warning)
          • Expand private message input box for long messages
          • Cannot pull up to reload a short Private Message Thread
          • Social Group Edit
          • My Group list should sort by Title ascending
          • Activity - Displayname - UI - Texts are cut off in the Activity page.
          • Friend Request - The loading spinner is not dismissed automatically.
          • Lacking a space among words in some phrases
          • Message - Lack messages when there's no message under INBOX and SENT tabs
          • Message - Improve re-selecting the recipient field
          • Display proper error message for "listignoreuser"

          You can help by providing translations. In order to do this, please see this topic in the vBulletin Support forums.

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