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(CANCELLED) Hunting the Source: Getting started with Radio Direction Finding (RDF)

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  • (CANCELLED) Hunting the Source: Getting started with Radio Direction Finding (RDF)

    Hunting the Source: Getting started with Radio Direction Finding (RDF)

    TBA Finding the source of a radio transmission can be incredibly useful in the real world. Hunting down the source of a transmitter causing interference can help you plan your own radio installation or track down someone trying to jam your signals.

    This workshop will cover the basics of getting started in radio direction finding (aka "fox hunting") - how to use a simple two-way radio, an antenna and your body to localize the source of a faint transmission source. We will also demonstrate various types of antennas purpose-built to find the source of a transmission, and provide schematics to build your own advanced antenna. Attendees will then be sent around the con with their new skills to find a few hidden transmitters.

    Richard Henderson is a writer, researcher, and ham radio/electronics nerd who has worked in infosec and technology for well over a decade. Richard is currently co-authoring a book on cybersecurity for ICS/Scada systems. He has taught various radio-related workshops at DC 25, DC China Beta, and DC 26.

    Prerequisites for students: No real prereqs needed, but for those who want to build their own specialized antennas after the workshop should have basic soldering skills.

    Materials or Equipment students will need to bring to participate:

    - A two-way handheld radio or scanner should be brought
    - A better antenna than what came with the radio is always useful, but not essential
    - aluminum foil would be useful to build antenna shielding, but I can pick up a box at the grocery store there
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