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The d(struction)20 CTF!

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  • The d(struction)20 CTF!

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    The d(struction)20 CTF!

    Are you tired of CTFs where contestants' computers aren't in danger of being smashed with a sledgehammer by a person wearing a hot dog costume?
    Do normal CTFs that don't decide the fate of their competitors at random with a novelty oversized 20-sided die bore you?

    Then come see the only CTF where the stack isn't the only thing being smashed: The d(struction)20 CTF!

    Part CTF, part lemon race, part game show, part demolition derby, the D(struction)20 CTF is a contest to build an affordable, low-cost, usable, and powerful hacking platform, and compete with it! Periodically during the competition, a random contestant from the leaderboard will be chosen to roll the d20 of Destruction to decide what will happen to their rig.

    If they're very lucky, they roll a natural 20 and no damage will be inflicted!

    Otherwise, the d20 of Destruction will decide what type of damage will be done to their rig. If the rig survives their chosen fate, the contestant may continue playing, but either way, rolling the d20 of Destruction results in a big point bonus that may make the difference between winning and losing, even if the rig is destroyed in the process!
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