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Aviation Village at DEF CON 27

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  • Aviation Village at DEF CON 27

    Aviation Village

    Aviation is a cornerstone of national security and the global economy. While passenger safety is at an all time high, the increasing dependence on connected technology consolidates risk and exposes aircraft, air traffic management, and airports to new types or risks. Even an isolated incident could spark a critical crisis of confidence in the flying public.

    For too long, negative perceptions and fractured trust on both sides have held back collaboration toward our common goal: safe, reliable, and trustworthy air travel.

    As the domains of aviation and security increasingly overlap, the common goals of safety, resilience, and trust can be achieved sooner by working together.

    The Aviation Village will create a first-of-its-kind platform to bridge the gap between DEF CON attendees and senior leadership from the aviation community.

    The Aviation Village will do this by:
    Building connections, trust, and understanding among all Village participants.
    Developing aviation security skills among DEF CON attendees through workshops and hands-on activities.
    Promoting constructive dialog through talks and interaction.
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    Website is up! Village description and Village CFP provided.


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