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Scavenger Hunt at DEF CON 27

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  • EvilMoFo
    The table will be in the main contest area at Planet Hollywood and you should plan accordingly.

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  • The Dark Tangent
    started a topic Scavenger Hunt at DEF CON 27

    Scavenger Hunt at DEF CON 27

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ScavHunt ( DefConScavHunt) Twitter.png Views:	17 Size:	964.9 KB ID:	227902
    The DEF CON Scavenger Hunt, though nontraditional, has become the spirit of DEF CON!

    It is the distant dystopian future, the year 2019; Las Vegas, Nevada. You have been tasked with collecting as much as possible from our list; including a Nexus 6, a synthetic owl, and a Sean Young blow-up doll. Let nothing stand in your way. Be it replicant, retire them; be it goon, beer them. Your time is limited, go now, you have only from 10AM Friday until noon on Sunday. Find us in the contest area to administer your submissions; be advised trigger warnings are in full effect.

    This contest is known for encouraging the hacker mentality and bringing it into uncommon and usually funny challenges. For newer hackers, non-technical hackers, or people looking to find a unique way to interact with the conference, we bring you the longest running contest at DEF CON! For over twenty years the original DEF CON Scavenger Hunt has challenged hackers to think outside of the box.
    • Teams of one to five players compete 10:00 Friday morning to 12:00 Sunday, accumulating as many items and completing as many tasks as possible from the list. Will you be the next to stand among the legendary scavengers?
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